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Like naughty children, each painting seems to have a mind of its own, frequently misbehaving and failing to bend to the will of an overbearing parent. Somehow, they are successfully reared. I send each out into the world to stand on its own merits and to speak for itself.

Despite the trials, I wouldn't do anything else. Each brings me great pleasure and deep satisfaction. My hope is that they find an audience that feels the same and with luck, speak with a timeless voice for many generations to come.
Biographical Profile
Richard Cooper has spent most of his life, "trying to make paint behave." A native of Chicago, he distinguished himself at the renowned Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Besides stints as the Creative Director for Wolverine World Wide and the Manager of Corporate Communications for Howard Miller, Richard has spent over thirty years painting. His creations have been featured in a dozen national publications, advertisements, CNN News and USA Today. Millions of people around the world have seen his illustrations.

"I always wondered what kind of art I could produce if I weren't limited by time, budget or subject, so I left the world of illustration for that of fine art. For the past twenty one years, I have been uncorking the million ideas that were waiting to be decanted. It was frightening to give up the security of a national client list but the emotional income is high."

Richard Cooper works out of his studio and home that are nestled in the Rocky Mountains not far from Denver, Colorado. He has been a long term member of the Kendall College of Art and Design Board of Trustees and Mensa, The International High IQ Society. He is also a passionate world traveler and has read over 2000 books in the past twenty one years. Richard says,"What could be better than to follow your own bliss?"

Selected Collections
Cherry Marketing Institute
Dow Chemical
Herman Miller
Howard Miller
Lacks Foundation
Frederik Meijer Gardens
and Sculpture Park
Old Kent Bank
Priority Health
Saint Mary's Hospital
Spectrum Health
Wolverine World Wide
Numerous Private Collections
AP Wire Service
Architectural Digest
CNN News
Colonial Homes
Country Living
Country Home
House Beautiful
Illustrators Annual
Southern Accents
Southern Living
USA Today

Richard's blue roofed studio is spectacularly located in Evergreen, Colorado.

A great spot for uninterrupted painting.

Never a shortage of inspiration. It's just steps from the door.